Custom Living Room Furniture by AMAX Leather

Amax Premium Leather Furniture is known for their excellence in quality, durability and performance with collections in stationary and motion creating comfort and style with exquisite detailing in brilliant leather finishing.


Classic Chesterfield

Harley Collection

Ideal-Furniture-LV-Amax1 (2).jpg
Ideal-Furniture-LV-Amax4 (1).jpg
Ideal-Furniture-LV-Amax7 (1).jpg
Ideal-Furniture-LV-Amax10 (1).jpg

Hyde Collection

Bellari Collection

Ideal-Furniture-LV-Amax2 (1).jpg
Ideal-Furniture-LV-Amax5 (1).jpg
Ideal-Furniture-LV-Amax8 (1).jpg
Ideal-Furniture-LV-Amax11 (1).jpg

Royale Collection

Princeton Collection

Ideal-Furniture-LV-Amax3 (1).jpg
Ideal-Furniture-LV-Amax6 (1).jpg
Ideal-Furniture-LV-Amax9 (1).jpg

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We provide each of our clients, the option of having a FREE in home interior decorator consultation. We will spend time getting to know you and you unique style so we can help you determine exactly the best furniture possibilities for your home.

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